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Stevenage Royals was originally created and launched as East Herts Royals in September 2014 after the two clubs, Ware Rebels and Stevenage Scorpions combined. We changed our name to include 'Stevenage' in April 2022 after the club had slowly transitioned all its training facilities into the local area and no longer operated in East Herts.


With both of these former clubs having a history of success, both having the same philosophy in providing the best opportunities and training for the younger players in Stevenage, this move has made us the club for any serious basketball player!  The management committee and coaching staff from Ware, Stevenage & Hatfield have combined to add quality and depth into the ongoing Royals programme.

The club has four fantastic training facilities in Stevenage which includes the use of Marriott's Sports Centre, Nobel School & Barnwell Upper School.


Stevenage Royals currently has over 280 members registered and each year looks to expand. This year nine teams have been entered into either National or Central Venue League competitions.  The club has received lots of interest from junior players in and around the area, as well as receiving enquiries from East of England and Herts County players!


Stevenage Royals teams for the 2023/24 season:


  • U11 - Harlow Central Venue League

  • U14B - Harlow Central Venue League

  • U14A - National League (East II Conference)

  • U16A - National League (South II Conference)

  • U18B - Harlow Central Venue League

  • U18A - National League (East Conference)

  • Men 2 - Hertfordshire Basketball League (Division 2)

  • Men 1 - Hertfordshire Basketball League (Division 1)

  • Women - National League (Division 2 - Pool 2)

Stevenage Royals, Changing The Culture.

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