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Under 16's

With the boys having high expectations for this year, the team has retained many of the same players from last season and also incorporated some new talent into producing a highly competitive group of players. This season is going to be a good one for this team!


James Cummings
u18A head coach | MEN'S HEAD COACH | Women's ASSISTANT coach

Bio to be written


MIA Clark
social media & marketing coordinator

I first started my basketball journey at the age of 7 years old in Perth, Australia so I’ve been playing just over 16 years now. 

I’ve played very competitively for the majority of my career and was lucky enough to make it my job. I was on a basketball scholarship in school, which helped my development in terms of understanding the game inside and out which included, coaching, scoring, first aid, taping courses and reffing. 


I’ve been lucky enough to be able to travel a lot through playing basketball as well. I’ve been to Asia 3 times, USA, all around Australia and New Zealand. 


I’ve only just started my coaching journey properly now that I’ve joined Stevenage Royals. I helped out with the U18’s last year, along with the Men’s team and am very excited to assistant coach the U16’s this season.  I’m also extremely excited to play for our brand new Women’s team, so definitely come and check us out this season!

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Kevin Moore
U14A Head Coach

Coach Kev is in his second year of coaching having played since school age. He's played ball at his place of work and at National League level along with community level competition. Kev joined Stevenage Royals as he's looking to put back into the club after his son spent many years with us and relying on others kind volunteering to keep teams playing,  before he left for university.


James Whybrow
MEN'S Assistant Coach

I first starting learning basketball at Russell Hoops when I was 13 years old. I then played as captain of the team at my secondary school in years 9 and 10. After I left school I went to Oaklands College where I progressed my knowledge and understanding of the game and competed for two years while I was 17/18. In 2016 as part of Russell Hoops, I played in the U18s team on a tour to Madrid, where I competed against high level players in a friendly tournament.

I started coaching in 2022 and began assisting the coaches of the U16 National League team towards the end of the 21/22 season. I am always looking to learn and progress my knowledge and ultimately help the players I coach reach their highest potential.

Stevenage Royals. White Back 2.png


I’ve been fortunate enough to play ball from the ages of 10-27 at a high standard. My playing career; Canadian Junior Commonwealth team, Ontario Regional & National championship finalist and Ottawa University player. 


Since then I've been coaching for over 30 years in Canada & the UK:  Coached U11, U14 & U17 boys and girls teams in Canada for HoopKids & Eastern Ontario Basketball Association. Recently took Herts county U11A&B boys teams to win in playoffs in 2022 & 2023. 


I’m blessed that most of my coaches when I was a player were volunteers. This is my payback to the sport I have grown to love so much as a volunteer coach to Stevenage Royals & Russell Hoops. I’m so pleased basketball has grown so much in Stevenage and Hertfordshire community.

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gary nuckey
club personal trainer & 

Bio to be written

Stevenage Royals. White Back 2.png


I represented the London Towers National League Team from U14 all the way through to U20 level. During this time, I was fortunate enough to play in European tournaments in France and Belgium, as well as play in the RAF Final Four and National Cup Finals, respectively.
I represented England at U15 and U16, playing in a handful of fixtures both at home and abroad during this time. I was also selected for an International Representative team that toured New England, USA competing against AAU and High School teams from the region.
As a coach, I have completed the Level 2 award and have ambitions to complete the Level 3 programme. I have coached at university level, prior to coaching National League but also enjoy coaching plenty of other sports in my day job as a secondary school PE teacher.

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