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Under 16's

With the boys having high expectations for this year, the team has retained many of the same players from last season and also incorporated some new talent into producing a highly competitive group of players. This season is going to be a good one for this team!


Alex Emmerson

Alex has been with the club since it first established back in 2014. He played for Royals for the U16 National League team back in 2015. Since the playing days Alex has qualified as a Level 2 Coach where he led Royals U11 and U14 CVL teams in 2018/19. 

After Paul Wright (Ex-Chairman) stepped down from the club, Alex took the position as Chairman and has directed the club into the position they're in today. With over 280 members, Royals continues to changing the culture of basketball in Hertfordshire.


James Cummings
Vice chairman | U18 Head Coach | Women's Head coach | Men'S Head Coach

Bio to be written...

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